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Microsoft Excel 2007-2016 Level 2


1 Day


Basic use of Excel is assumed plus familiarity with spreadsheets in general. Attendees should have created their own spreadsheets including basic formulae

Course Type

Instructor-led hands on training with all delegates using a computer

Course Objectives

To ensure delegates have the right knowledge to make the most of Excel Workbooks

Course Content

Formulae and Functions

• Review of cell addressing within Formulae
• Copying Formulae
• Absolute cell referencing
• Using the Average, Min and Max Functions
• Creating IF Functions
• Using VLookup Functions

Working with Data

• Sorting Data
• Filtering Data
• Creating SubTotals
• Creating Named Ranges
• Using Named Ranges in Formulae

Working with Multiple Worksheets

•Inserting and deleting sheets
• Renaming Sheets
• Copying and Moving sheets
• Grouping sheets
• Creating 3D references

Enhancing Worksheets with Charts

•Creating and Editing Charts
• Formatting Charts
• Adding Trend Lines
• Creating a Secondary Axis

Formatting Cells

• Using Text Formats
• Copying and Clearing Formats
• Formatting Dates
• Using Conditional Formats

Printing Worksheets

• Print & Preview Options
• Inserting Headers and Footers
• Printing Titles
• Using Page Break Preview

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