IT device management: the challenge ahead

How can IT departments meet the growing burden of device management?

As companies deepen their digital transformation, the number and range of personal productivity devices staff use to gain access to changing IT infrastructures has grown. Many employees use three or more different IT devices every day, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. No wonder then that managing their device estate effectively is becoming an increasing burden for organisations.


Lifecycle whitepaper with a background of a laptop, phone and tablet

Effective Cyber Security Management

It’s all or it’s nothing: how organisations implement holistic security

Data breach. Two words every business leader hopes they never hear. Without complete cyber security management in place, the probability of this happening is high. The UK currently ranks second behind the US globally for data breaches so something isn’t working in how we’re tackling the challenge.


Cloud Control

Exploring the common challenges of managing multiple cloud service environments

Complete control of multiple cloud service environments is a prerequisite for aligning strategy with tactics and delivering the business outcomes your board expects to see from its cloud investments.