Helping you develop the right strategy before committing to cloud services and making the move.

Businesses start their journey to the cloud at different points. Some begin by colocating equipment with a data centre services provider to create a private cloud platform. Others take the plunge with a large public cloud provider, such as Amazon Web Services.

IDE Group supports our customers’ journey to the cloud by first helping them to step back and develop the right strategy.


  • Strategy first migration

  • Expert help in assessing needs

  • Experience and skills to migrate successfully

Our skilled personnel look at their systems and workloads, consider where their cloud journey will eventually take them and recommend the right way to get there.

We then apply our experience and technical skills to implement the migration, moving individual workloads to the appropriate cloud platforms.

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Technical features

  • Integrated, UK-based technical support team

  • Multi-tenant public cloud

  • Partnerships with AWS and Azure

  • Nationwide network of field service engineers

  • Provide cloud platform

  • Best of breed cloud monitoring and management solutions

We have a wide selection of data sheets, whitepapers and videos spanning our entire portfolio available > here

Our customers combine our Cloud Migration services with the following IDE Group services:

> Private cloud

Control workloads and data, at the same time as gaining the major benefits of the cloud.

> Public cloud

Matching your workloads to the right public cloud service for the lowest possible TCO.

> Hybrid cloud

The right cloud strategy, implemented, orchestrated and supported for the lowest TCO.

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