You’d much rather focus on developing your business than spending time trying to keep on top of a global cyber-security arms race. In-house IT resources can quickly fatigue under the quantity and volume of data they now need to analyse to spot threats. Action taken on the basis of incomplete intelligence is unlikely to provide the protection you need. 

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IDE Group PACT, our security practice, will protect your entire infrastructure, from core to edge.

Security experts in our Security Operations Centre (SOC) analyse reports produced by a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution linked to the IT logs generated by your infrastructure.

Through this dedicated resource, even the most sophisticated attacks are identified. Threat intelligence produced will enable technicians to rapidly respond with the right mitigating action. It will also support GDPR compliance in respect to data breaches.

The insight produced by PACT, combined with our ability to take action and a range of leading security solutions, including DDOS and endpoint protection, provides peace of mind that your business is robustly and comprehensively protected.

  • Security Operations Centre

  • Security Information and Event Management

  • Managed service providing actionable insight

  • Preventative technologies

  • DDOS protection

  • Endpoint protection


  • Defence against fast and complex threats

  • Centralised security intelligence

  • High performance and cost effective

Security specialists providing 24/7 oversight of IT systems to identify threats.

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Transform vast quantities of disassociated data into actionable security insight.

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High-performance, network-wide protection from DDoS attacks to maintain service availability.

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Next generation endpoint protection that stops threats before they launch.

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Disaster recovery and business continuity planning is integral to every IDE Group service.

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Advanced network security analysis enabling remediation to be focussed where it’s most impactful

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IDE Group helped Cognita REACH HIGHER with Cyber-Security…

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IDE Group offered a complete service, which was instrumental in the success of the project.

-Andrew Savin, Group IT Director

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