Securely manage the redeployment of used devices to new users to extract all value.

When someone leaves your organisation, the last thing you want is for their devices to be left, unused and unsecured, in an unmanaged location. Not only is your data at risk, your investment in those devices is going to waste.

Many devices no longer required by their original user are still serviceable and can deliver further value. When a device can support a new user within the customer’s business, IDE Group facilitates its redeployment to them. If the device is no longer required by the business, IDE Group will securely prepare it for sale to an approved third party.



  • Extract all value from devices

  • Make old devices as new

  • Ensure security of data

The start of internal or external redeployment routes is the same. Data that needs to be retained is copied from the device, encrypted and securely stored. All data on the device is then destroyed. RAM and ROM storage is wiped multiple times, so there is no chance of any data remaining, and a certificate is produced confirming its destruction.

Any device damage is then repaired, and it’s packaged and stored ready to be redeployed, with its record on the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) updated appropriately. When a new internal user for the device is identified, it will enter IDE Group’s ‘build and configure’ process, as if it were a new device.

If the device is of no further use to the customer, it will be sold, either to a used IT equipment specialist or on the open market, with its CMDB entry closed when it’s despatched. Money generated through its sale can be returned into the service, off-setting its cost.

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Technical features

  • Device data removed and stored

  • RAM and ROM wiped

  • Data destruction certified

  • Device damage repaired

  • Secured and sold to approved third party

  • Accredited field engineering resources located nationwide

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Our customers combine our Redeploy services with the following IDE Group services:

> Retire

Professional, secure and compliant disposal of electronic waste.

> Build and configure

Rapidly prepare any device to customer specifications in both small and large quantities.

> Deploy

Devices get to the right place, on time and are immediately ready to use.

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