The skilled technical staff your business needs, delivered as an outsourced service embedded directly on your site.

Recruiting and retaining the technical skills your business needs to ensure your IT is performing and being developed is likely to be a huge challenge. Skills are in short supply, training is expensive and you’d need to maintain cover for a wide range of complex issues and systems throughout the year.

For customers who want an on-site IT resource to support their employees but don’t want the responsibility of recruiting and employing the talent they need, IDE Group provides the skilled staff required as an outsourced function embedded directly on your site.


  • Skilled resource without employment challenge

  • Familiar, on-site support staff

  • Scales to tackle any issue

By leveraging IDE Group’s deep pool of talent, you gain the IT resource you need, delivered by people you’ll get to know and can easily speak face to face with. IDE Group will manage recruitment, training and ensure adequate cover during employee sickness or holidays.

Your IDE Group team will be dedicated to working exclusively for you and will be fully trained to take care of all your hardware, software and OS support requirements, thanks to the strategic partnerships we maintain with all major IT vendors.

The resource we supply can rapidly scale to suit changing needs, thanks to the range and number of technical resources within IDE Group. This includes a nationwide field engineering team, senior specialist personnel who can be deployed to your site to resolve even the most challenging issues.

IDE group has been delivering technical resources on customer sites for many years. We have a long-serving, stable team, supported by mature processes that are fully ISO accredited and conform to ITIL standards.

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Technical features

  • Staff dedicated to your business

  • Long serving stable team

  • Full range of further specialists available

  • Rapid scaling to deliver strategic projects

  • ISO accredited and work to ITIL standards

  • Trained for your hardware, software and OS

We have a wide selection of data sheets, whitepapers and videos spanning our entire portfolio available > here

Our customers combine our Onsite Support services with the following IDE Group services:

> Remote monitoring

Monitoring your IT infrastructure 24/7 to identify issues and support continuity of service.

> Systems management

Expert technical resource to provide comprehensive system management and rapid issues resolution

> Professional services

Creating the outcomes our customers need by designing and implementing high quality, reliable IT solutions.

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