Fast, secure and reliable private connections to the public cloud services that are critical to your business.

Before deciding to move your workloads to public cloud, you need to understand how your business will connect to those services. For services to work as if they’re on your premises, you need the connection to be faultless.

IDE Group recognises that fast, secure and reliable access to cloud services is critical to your business. We provide a full choice of cloud connectivity options and use our experience to advise on the best routes to take. Once choices are made, our skilled technical staff will manage implementations and provide ongoing support.



  • Connectivity to public cloud services

  • Fast, secure and reliable connections

  • Locations to match your network topology

IDE Group Cloud Connect creates direct, private connections between your premises and the cloud service providers you’ve selected to work with. This gives users a service experience equivalent to the provider being located within your on-premise data centre.

IDE Group Cloud Connect for AWS makes it easy to establish a dedicated network connection from your premises to AWS. We maintain resilient connections directly into the AWS cloud and deliver VPN connections across our own private network straight to your equipment. In many cases this will reduce your network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than internet-based connections. The solution also provides access to all public AWS services across the EU through diverse connections in our London data centres.

IDE Group Cloud Connect for Microsoft Azure enables you to create private connections between Microsoft Azure data centres and  your infrastructure. ExpressRoute connections for Microsoft Azure, don’t go over the public Internet, so offer you greater reliability, control over bandwidth, lower latency and greater security. ExpressRoute allows you to extend your existing network directly into the Microsoft cloud over a dedicated private connection.

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Technical features

  • Reduce costs by using less internet transit and lower data transfer rates

  • Fully featured network service

  • Access controlled through management console

  • Connectivity to public cloud services across all regions

  • Connection uptime SLA

  • QoS for special applications, such as Skype for Business

We have a wide selection of data sheets, whitepapers and videos spanning our entire portfolio available > here

Our customers combine our Cloud Connectivity services with the following IDE Group services:

> Private cloud

Control workloads and data, at the same time as gaining the major benefits of the cloud.

> Public cloud

Matching your workloads to the right public cloud service for the lowest possible TCO.

> Hybrid cloud

The right cloud strategy, implemented, orchestrated and supported for the lowest TCO.

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