Complete LAN/WAN service, from design to implementation, ongoing monitoring and management.

While the fundamentals of local and wide area networking are long-established, the devil is now all in the detail. New technologies have given vastly higher levels of performance, while adding significant complexity to deployment and ongoing management.

IDE Group provides a complete LAN and WAN service, from design and implementation, to ongoing monitoring and management. With significant experience with the latest connectivity technologies for network applications such as telephony, as well as between offices and data centres, our team ensures maximum performance and availability of mission critical services.



  • Single, integrated networking solution

  • Experienced design and implementation team

  • Mature monitoring and management

Our professional services team consult with customers and facilities managers to scope, design and install new office networks, as well as cost-effectively refresh and upgrade existing infrastructure. IDE Group is experienced in deploying wired and wireless access points, including in public places. While we are accredited with major network vendor partners, such as Cisco, we are vendor agnostic, recommending only the right equipment for the task.

Once installed we have a highly mature and complete LAN monitoring and management capability, including a UK-wide field engineering team, enabling customers to outsource the management of their entire office network throughout its lifecycle to a highly experienced and capable provider.

IDE Group’s own private high speed network is central to many of our services and is at the core of our WAN offering. We deliver the best available connection between customer office locations and data centres. and provide similarly mature WAN monitoring and management capabilities to ensure resilience and high service levels.

Customers who choose IDE Group to design, implement, support and manage both their LAN and WAN, benefit from a single, integrated networking and communication solution that works seamlessly with other managed services supplied by IDE Group.

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Technical features

  • LAN scoping, design and installation

  • Cost-effective refresh and upgrades

  • Wired and wireless access points

  • Private network for WAN connectivity

  • Integrated LAN and WAN service

  • Complete monitoring and management service

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> Wireless

A complete wireless LAN service, from design and implementation, to ongoing monitoring and support.

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